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We are looking for investors to raise $350,000 to start the first organic distillery in Hampton Roads. We are currently looking for a location and plan to move into a space early 2016. The craft spirits industry is growing and Dead Reckoning Distillery seeks to become part of the craft community in Hampton Roads. “The Hampton Roads market is ready for a craft organic distillery to join the already booming craft beer industry,” said Derek Ungerecht, founder of Dead Reckoning Distillery.

We have been building our brand and preparing to start production next year. The distilled spirits industry is going through a revolution. Small distilleries are poised for an explosion and IBISworld estimates 4.6% annual growth during the four years to 2019 for the distillery industry. As well, Rum is the fastest growing segment of the distilled spirits industry. Piggy backing off the maturing winery and micro-brewery industries, this model is being applied to distilling successfully.

We are looking for investors to get our doors open and investors will get equity in the company. The distillery is projected to have positive cash flow within thirteen months. The initial capital investment allows for the lease of a property, necessary upgrades to that property, and installation and procurement of the necessary distilling equipment as well operating funds during the startup phase. “We currently have commitments of a little more than $55,000 so far and are gaining momentum,” said Derek.

We will launch with two organic rums, Rebel Rum (white rum) and Dead Reckoning Craft Spiced Rum. We will also offer tours, tastings, direct sales and operate a small gift shop at its distillery. We will also actively seek other channels of distribution such as the various armed forces commissary systems and eventually begin distribution in other states and through export as we build brand awareness.

If you are interested in investing, please contact Derek Ungerecht at 757-535-9864 or

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