Our Process

We distill everything we make from natural molasses, yeast, yeast nutrient, and filtered water in our handmade still.  No more, no less.  There are three basic steps in the production of rum. Our ingredients are the real thing.


Water, Molasses and Yeast are added to one of our 250 gallon fermenters.  Molasses has a higher than ideal sugar concentration so it’s necessary to add water to create an optimum environment for the yeast to produce alcohol.  Over time the yeast consume the sugars and produce alcohol as a by-product. This process is closely monitored to maintain consistency.


Once the wash is done fermenting, it’s transferred to our still, the wash is about 10% alcohol at this point. The still is heated and  once it reaches 170ºF the alcohol will begin to turn to a gas. The alcohol vapor moves into the thumper and condenses, this process heats the distillate in the thumper until it begins to distill a second time and move through the condenser coil.

The rum comes out of the condenser in three phases. The first portion, called “heads,” is powerfully flavored and only a small portion of what we capture. The next phase, “hearts,” is where the bulk of the rum is collected. Finally, the last phase, the “tails,” which contains mostly water. The alcohol content is monitored to make sure “cuts” are made at the desired times.


From here the rum can be proofed out to 40% for our Tidewater Rum and bottled until you set it free in the glass of your choice.