Our Story

Dead Reckoning wants you to look for adventure anywhere you go by always saying YES. Be willing to try new things.  We want you to set off over the horizon, unsure of where you are going or what you will find in the beyond.  Surround yourself with great friends and write a story you will laugh about decades later with Tidewater Rum by your side.

Dead Reckoning uses only quality ingredients for our rum. Our products have been hand crafted with a little bit of us in every bottle. They are produced with passion for an end result that is beyond what you expect. We want to be a part of your next adventure. Take us with you. We’re damn fun… you might even watch the sun rise.

Derek, Founder

Derek loves rum, maybe a little too much.  What Derek doesn’t like is cough syrup flavored rum.  Much of the liquor available to buy off the shelf is created from the cheapest ingredients and in the most profitable way possible. These bottles are filled in what look more like a car factory than a place that is proud of what they produce.  We pride ourselves on making tasty rum with a soul.  Crafted from honest, ingredients.  Free of unnecessary adulteration.

What is Dead Reckoning?

Dead Reckoning is a method of navigation used by sailors as a last resort, a technique used when all other methods are useless or broken.  It is not for the faint of heart.  It can be said that this method is about trusting your instincts, about trusting your gut.  Dead Reckoning Distillery and its products are meant for those who embrace the unknown and will boldly step forward when others are too cowardly.